Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How did AeroTech cram 83 N-s into a 53 N-s package?

I want some of these! Via AeroTech on Facebook:
How did AeroTech squeeze nearly 83 N-sec out of a form factor that until just recently was limited to around 53 N-sec (a 56% increase)?

• High solids propellant with higher specific impulse (Isp), high density and higher burn rate to minimize throat erosion and delay grain length
• Volumetrically efficient "finocyl" propellant grain design
• No separate case liner, so larger diameter propellant grain
• Longer propellant grain due to shorter delay and bulkhead
• Slightly higher motor peak operating pressure
• Relatively flat thrust curve to increase average pressure
Here is the G74W compared to the F44W.