Sunday, February 23, 2014

chopped up Talos

Three months has passed since I first mentioned that I chopped up and began rebuilding my Faux Talos. At that time, said chopping had occurred as had the requisite re-gluing. Then began a long period of mostly painting unfriendly weather. When I did get a break, I focussed on some new builds. Today, I finished up painting the new cone, which I made a LONG time ago using the 'sectioned tube technique'. I also began priming, filling, and sanding the airframe. To recap, I removed the Talos' top fins and attached them to the lower fins. The center rectangular fins were shortened.

The mount is 29mm and I will also transplant the two 24mm boosters from the lawn darted Gone Batty. Any respectable composite G should work fine on its own but this bird will be on the heavy side for the Estes E16/F15s.

Still thinking on a paint scheme for the body. Think I need a new name too but, for now, this will be filed with the Talos build.