Wednesday, January 01, 2014

The start of (first) Mega Mosquito

I finally got back into the Dungeon and packed away the my new kits (2 Mega Mosquitos and 2 Super Alphas) and some parts that I got from Uncle Mike's. Actually, one of the Mega Mosquitos and a 29mm motor mount kit were laid out on the workbench. I hope to fly it on the F15's but will make sure bigger motors can be used.

I started by individually storing the unneeded motor mount and recovery components and removing the laser-cut fins from the sheet balsa. I found this kit has 21 balsa fins! 21 you say. Well, kinda. each of the three Mega fins has three parts - a thicker inner piece and two thinner laminates. The Mega Mosquito also comes with the parts for an original kit (3 more fins). The final 9 'fins' are the cut outs from the inner fins. These should make nice fins for a small BT-5 through -50 rockets.

I plan on building the 3-part fins with wood glue and laminate them with adhesive labels. I didn't want to get started on the fins so I began the motor mount. I had bought a baffle unit from Uncle Mike's but when I dry-fit the parts I realized that there is no way it will fit in the short body tube. Especially if I want to leave room for motors that are longer than the F15. I attached the Estes screw-on retainer and bottom CR with JB-Weld, which is setting as I type. Well, that's it for now.