Friday, January 03, 2014

The Estes Rockets Android App, Part 1

I just got an email announcing the Estes Rockets Android App.  It sounds cool:
Estes Rockets for Android is a fantastic tool for any rocketeer! Now, you can browse our entire collection in the palm of your hand, know which engines are recommended for your rocket, and hit the launch site with two must-have tools.
The Estes Altitude Predictor will allow you to select a rocket, and one of the recommended engines for the rocket, and it will calculate the projected altitude of your launch. How cool is that!
The Virtual Altitrak is used at the launch site. Simply enter your distance from the launch, snap a photo of the rocket at it's highest point, and let the Altitrak wow you with its altitude prediction!
The Estes Rockets app for Android is a great tool for anyone interested in model rocketry!
Android 2.2 and up.

It's also available for iOS.  In part 2, I'll give my feedback after I get a chance to play with it!