Sunday, January 05, 2014

Super Alpha...or something else?

After finishing the Mega Mosquito, my eyes turned to one of the Super Alphas that I picked up from the big Estes holiday sale. After looking it over, I noticed the nose cone appears to be the same one used on the Mean Machine. It didn't look very Alpha-like and I hit up to investigate. It appears that others have felt the same way. Bill Eichelberger replaced the stock cone with a balsa one from Semroc, and Chris Michielssen modified another cone to match the classic Alpha profile.

I too don't think this rocket will satisfy my need for an Alpha but I have no replacement cone and am not inclined to buy one to make it look right. So, what to do? I had planned on a 29mm modification but now I'm thinking about 24mm with outboard motors. Or maybe stick with the 29mm mount and still add outboards? How about making it a 2 stager? Make it a 6- fin semi-Alpha? it stock?