Monday, January 27, 2014

My compulsive rebuilding disorder manifested itself again!

Well, while poking around and trying to decide what to build/modify next, I came across the carcass of an ill-fated modroc that I inherited. It was damaged when I got it but about all that was needed was to reinstall a couple of fins.  On its next flight, I thought it was lost. However, a helpful NARHAMSter found it and patched it up for me. On the next flight, the elastic cord burned through and the nose section drifted away. The person that found the body didn't look for the missing fin. At least I didn't have the trod out in the heat to recover it.

Today, I cut a replacement fin and found a suitable plastic doohicky that just happens to fit the BT 50 perfectly. I installed a wire loop through the new nose cone and replaced the burned cord with 7' of nylon twine. I bet it also burns though but  have really packed the body with dog barf.  Recovery will hopefully occur with 12' of 'caution tape'.  I used my current favorite method of folding the streamer in the middle and attaching both ends to the shock tether.

This rocket will fly at NARHAMS where the risk of tree recovery is high. Hover and navigate to the right to see a close up of the, er, nosecone.