Thursday, January 02, 2014

Mega Mosquito, continued

I finished up the motor mount by adding the upper centering ring and a 6' length of 1/8" Kevlar through said ring. I used 5 min. epoxy on the installation because that's what I like to use to attach Kevlar. I used wood glue to attach the mount in the rocket. I also drilled holes for rail buttons and installed the stock 1/4" lugs.

I slathered wood glue on the three part fins, applied some full page label stock and am currently compressing them under the weight of a full can of deck paint and a big bag of lead shot.

I have no actual build photos but I want to mention a new type of rocketry tool. They're actually ear wax removal AND glue application tools. I recommend you see your health care provider to get your rear wax removed. However, these tools can be safely used at home to get glue into tight places. Both hold more glue than a straight stick and the one with loops also work well to form small radius fillets.