Friday, January 31, 2014

45 degrees F

Now, that's what I call prime painting weather! (I know this is not optimal but, as usual, I'm antsy.)

I got another coat of yellow on the Mega Skeeter. As usual, something went wrong. I was using 'new' Krylon and on the second coat today it started dripping and spattering. :eek: So, I may have some drip marks and runs on the final version. I did some sanding and if I start spraying away from the model, I may still be able to get a half-assed finish on it. In any event, it will be what it will be because I'm not buying more yellow for this model. I hope to get on to the black trim tomorrow in the expected 50+ degree temps.

I also got the black trim on the Super Alpha. I'm going with a paint scheme somewhat reminiscent of the original Alpha. White body, red nose and black trim. Said black trim is one fin and half of the surrounding body with a stripe up to the nose cone. The stripe may be wider than of the classic scheme(?). I used Rustoleum black metallic because that's what I had on hand and may go with some flavor of  Testor's red metallic for the nose.

I'm happy that they may be mostly complete by the February MDRA launch. Just in case the weather is acceptable to me. I'm not holding my breath.