Saturday, November 23, 2013

You really know you have build fever when...

Faux chop up a perfectly good rocket just to make another perfectly good rocket.

I began looking for a rocket to scavenge or modify and decided on my Faux Talos. This rocket had a ton of nose weight and required an F or G motor with over 50 N-s of thrust. I flew it once on an F39 and it was underpowered. I usually have no qualms about flying my odd creations at MDRA but for some reason had a bad feeling about this thing on a G.

So far, I trimmed the middle fins down and am relocating the upper fins to the tip of the lower ones. It turns out the tip chord of the prior and the root chord of the lower are the same length. I sanded the tips and drilled holes in both to form glue rivets. I'm also filling the imperfections while each fin is setting.  I couldn't recover the nose cone so I'm going to use a cone that I made by the sectioned-tube method.

I'm going for a rocket that's flyable on the Estes F15. If it ends up too heavy, I'll add the 24mm outboard pods from the Gone Batty, which died last weekend.