Friday, November 15, 2013

Sport Rocketry, November/December 2013

This issue is largely dedicated to contest rocketry, covering both NARAM 55 and the FAI World Championship flyoffs, wherein the members of the US team were selected. I'm not a contest flier so the main thing I liked were the photos, which included Matt Steele showing off two of his new North Coast Rocketry models. Someday I'll have to grab one of those (maybe if the Big Brute returns).

There is also a nice article about the establishment of the official national museum of model rocketry at the Seattle Museum of Flight (MOF). This is really great news. The article has a bunch of cool photos of Vern and Gleda, Bill Stine, and some vintage rockets that will be displayed at the MOF.

There are also two build articles: Cloning the 1990 vintage Estes Super Vega using the nose and tail cones from the QCC Explorer; and, the new Estes PSII Leviathan.

The last thing to note is the inside-cover Estes ad. It shows 4 kits I didn't know of including the skill level 5 Conquest, which resembles the Snark missile.

In the end, this contest issue was pretty good!