Thursday, November 21, 2013

Spool Spinner

The recent installment of the Apogee Newsletter featured a build article by Joe Peklicz, How to build and experiment with "Spool Spinners"Basically, these are 'normal' spool rockets with two, three or four half tubes added to induce a spin during recovery. I like spinning rockets even if they only spin on the way down.

Since I am currently obsessed with the Estes 29mm E16's and F15's, I decided to build one around those power plants. Instead of planning the parts out, I jumped in and used what I had lying around. I started with an Apogee 29mm tube and a couple of foamboard rings that I already had in one of my several parts bins. I picked another tube that was close to the right size, chopped off two pieces and cut them in half. I went with four spinner tubes just for strength. I didn't plan for a motor block and will just add a tape thrust ring to the motor. The F15 will overhang both ends so I can also add an upper tape ring to keep the motor centered after burn through. As in Joe's design, the launch rod will fit through holes cut in the spool plates.

Being a mostly junk rocket, I gave little thought to finishing. Just one coat of white primer just to cover the brown spinner tubes.  Rather than painting the opposing sides of the spinners different colors, I added different types of scrap holographic stickers. If this gives an unsatisfying look on recovery, I can always resort to paint.

Another thing in the article that perked my interest was using a spool rocket as a booster in a 2-stager. That's odd and different...I LIKE it!

spool spinner 002
spool spinner 004