Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Threw some more leftovers together, added some glue...

I put this together to fly on F15's on small fields. That is, fields with nearby trees, corn or beans. The idea is that it wouldn't break my heart if I lose it. As of this writing, it is un-named. I'll edit this post when I decide on one. It is now, officially, the F in Rocket. Flies on F15's...get it? No pause between the 'F' and the 'in'.

The body is a 2.125" mailing tube, unfinished. Fins are corrugated sign plastic that was left over when I trimmed the fins on the Obsessive Compulsive Rebuilding Disorder. I attached them with hot glue. I figured there was no reason to make the joint stronger than the fins themselves. The mount is obviously 29mm and has a home-ground PVC retainer. I used what I had but, let me tell you, the Estes ones are well worth it! The front ring is plywood and the rear one is the plastic end cap from the mailing tube. I don't think I'll be able to fly this rocket on, say, a G80. But, the end-cap ring probably would also outlast the fins. The nose was turned from pink foam. It's flown on other rockets and may be returned to one of them at some point.

I simmed it out and the bad news is that the predicted optimal delay is closer to -4 than -6, so I may wait for Hobbylinc to stock them. It also needs a long rod, so I might add rail buttons. In any event, it won't fly this weekend.