Monday, October 07, 2013

Stretched MLAS progress

I have started the MLAS 29mm build as I described in my prior post. Progress to date has included: Scotch bottle packing tube cut 1.75" longer than stock; stock shoulder cut and sectioned to adjust its diameter; found a core from some masking tape to beef the shoulder up some; bored the stock rings out to 29mm and reduced their diameter a skosh; glued a found, fiber, 29mm ring to the stock lower ring (29mm hole got close to the weight-reducing cutouts, nervousness ensued); epoxied an Estes PVC retainer and lower ring to a motor tube; started filling upper balsa fins; and, began painting thinned fill'n'finish on the Styrofoam nose cone.

I am going to try to use the new Loctite GO2® glue ion this build. It is a mix of Polyurethane and Polyoxysilane. I'll use it one the rest of the motor mount installation and, depending on what it looks like (ie will it expand), I may try it on fin and nose cone assembly.