Friday, October 04, 2013

New build: MLAS 29mm

Here's a rendering of the 1st cut at a RockSim model. I was scrounging around looking for something to build for the new Estes 29mm BP motors. I had an extra Quest MLAS kit and decided to convert it.  There wouldn't be much room for a 'chute(s) and a fair amount of extra nose weight would be required. It already uses a heavy lag bolt for the nose weight and is not a particularly durable kit.

I found a slightly beefier tube of the same OD and somewhat arbitrarily decided to stretch it by 1.75". I also decided that I'd use the surviving fins from my high power upscale for the lower set of fins. I haven't assessed the nose weight situation but, between the larger lower fins and longer body, I hope the stock nose weight will suffice.