Thursday, October 10, 2013

My RIP fleet

Here's honoring the 121 rockets who gave their lives for my enjoyment. Lost, stolen, destroyed and scavenged...

IBM Formatted - Disc Error scratch 29 mm
Chasin' Tail scratch 29 mm
Stormbringer scratch 29 mm + 8 x 24 mm
AAW Aeroshell (12") MODS Art Applewhite 29 mm
'Scuse Me scratch 38 mm
Heavy Metal scratch 29 mm
The Whole Enchilada scratch 18 mm
Negative Camouflage scratch 29 mm
Beer 'n Pretzels scratch 29 mm
Quetzalcoatl Monocopter Scratch 29 mm
Dust Devil scratch 32 mm, 24 mm x 2
IBM Formatted scratch 24 mm
Rack 'Em Up scratch 24 mm
Shuttle PMC PMC 18 mm
Grand Whazoo, The scratch 29 mm
Birdhouse Version 2 scratch 24mm x 6
SR-1 (Scrap Rocket #1) scratch 24 mm
Styro-1 scratch 29 mm
EarthQuaker scratch 29 mm
Big Daddy NOT scratch 24 mm
IBM Formatted - Bullseye scratch 29 mm
Push Me Pull You scratch 06 mm x 2
UF Oh-Oh scratch 29 mm
WhirlySmoke scratch 29 mm
Smoke 'n Lightnin' Scratch 13 mm
Aqua-Orion scratch 24 mm
Deanston Marauder scratch 24mm x 4
Messer-Fo-Shizzle scratch 24 mm x 5
Eiffel's Nightmare scratch 24 mm
Big Daddy Estes 24 mm
ScrewUp Too scratch 24 mm x 3
mono-micro-copter scratch 10.5 mm
Copyright Violation scratch 29 mm
Now For Some Completely Different FAT scratch 24 mm
Imaginary Variable scratch 18 mm
Flying Word Processor scratch 13 mm
Stop Sign scratch 06 mm
SLS Skyhook Semroc 39mm/24 mm
D-Region Tomahawk Pratt 29 mm
Lost in the Ozone (Again) scratch 29 mm
Nike-K-29 Quest/MODS 29 mm
One Shot scratch 29 mm
Purple AP Eater scratch 29 mm
Cyclops scratch 24 mm
Machbuster Rocket Vision 24 mm
Mean Machine (MeanIe) Estes 24 mm
SR-3 (Scrap Rocket #3) scratch 24 mm
G200 Carrier Model Minutes 24 mm
BNC-R2 scratch 18 mm x3
Comanche (3 stage) Estes 18 mm
Phoenix-like nonami scratch 18 mm
SpaceShipOne Estes 18 mm
Golden Scout Semroc 18 mm
AIM-4C Falcon (Merlin) Aardvark 18 mm
Non-Centrix clone 10.5mm
DoubleTree Pen-Roc scratch 06 mm
Gom Jabbar scratch 06 mm
TLR001 - Bazooka scratch 06 mm
Orange Flying Saucer (10.25") Art Applewhite 29 mm
Screw-Up, Part Tres scratch 24 mm x 3
Stealth D5 (Rev1) Art Applewhite 20 mm
Cognis Lunar Lander Cognis 24 mm
Space Shuttle Estes 18 mm
Hot Rod II scratch 29 mm
ScrewUp scratch 10.5 mm x2
G125 scratch 24 mm
MMX (MicroMech-X) scratch 06 mm x2
Birdhouse V2.1 scratch 24 mm x 6
McTwist (13mm) Art Applewhite - MMX
X-20 Dyna Soar Carrier (Titan) Scratch 24 mm
Hydro-3L scratch water
S.W.A.T. Estes 18 mm
FAT Oat Cluster scratch 24 mm x 3
Fat Oat Cholesterol Buster scratch 29 mm
Martian Manhunter scratch 29 mm
Landshark scratch 76 mm
Beer 'n' Pretzels (II) scratch 38 mm
M^2 L^2 scratch 29 mm
Stiletto Qmodeling 24 mm
Ultra Delta Art Applewhite 24 mm
B914 - How Not To Do It scratch 2" PVC
JJ-1 scratch 18 mm
JJ-2 scratch 18 mm
Tomahawk Cruise Missile Quest 06 mm
Misguided Saucer scratch 24 mm
Nothin' But Tape scratch 06 mm
Double Helix 24mm Art Applewhite 24 mm x 2
Leduc-22 Model Minutes 18 mm
Frankenstein MLAS scratch 38 mm
Astron Invader BMS 18 mm
Discovery Hot Rod 18 mm
Landshark 2.0 scratch 29 mm
Javelin Paul Miller (Estes) 18 mm
Quasar Paul Miller (Estes) 18 mm

FLICS Quest MODS 06 mm
Q E-Z Monocopter Quest MODS 06 mm
Stratosphere scratch 29 mm
(Son of the) Grand Whazoo scratch 29 mm
Airship R-100 Currell - plans 13 mm
NanoEX V1 scratch 3 mm
X-Fire 24mm Art Applewhite 24 mm
X-Fire 18mm Art Applewhite 18 mm
Big Brute North Coast (old) 29 mm
Grizzly Behr Monocopter scratch 18 mm
Helix D5 Art Applewhite 20 mm
Delta Saucer D5 Art Applewhite 20 mm
Cinco D5 Art Applewhite 20 mm
Eenie Meaner Cognis/MODS 18mm-13mm
Saber D5 Art Applewhite 20 mm
StyroPyro scratch 29 mm
F-104 Starfighter MODS/PMC 29 mm
FLICS Shredder Quest MODS 06 mm
Deuces Wild FlisKits 18 mm x 2
MRBR-1 (birdhouse) scratch 24 mm
Paper Stomp Honest John AlaskaPaperModelWorks air
Paul Miller Scrap Scratch 18 mm
Never Say Never scratch 29 mm
Obsessive Compulsive Rebuilding Disorder Scratch 29 mm
US Army Gemini Scratch 29 mm