Thursday, October 10, 2013

My flyable fleet

After seeing ~1/10 of Dave Bucher's huge fleet on Facebook, I thought I'd snapshot mine, which consists of a paltry 233 birds. First sort criteria is a column that's not showing, breaking the list down in three categories: collectable (1st 3 items), active (most of them), and pending (the last 2). Collectable items are flyable but retired (for now). I think they are all accounted for.

Name Manufacturer Motor
Strike Fighter Estes 18 mm
Golden Scout Semroc 18 mm
"Red" Scout Semroc/Vern and Gleda 18 mm
Hydro-1L scratch water
Paper Honest John (small) AlaskaPaperModelWorks air
Saturn V 1:132 AlaskaPaperModelWorks air
Shorty Scratch air
TRFKS Scratch air
Long Piston Scratch air
Great Googly Moogly scratch 76 mm
Delta Saucer (18") Art Applewhite 54 mm, 38 mm
Upscale Big Brute scratch 38+29+24 mm
Sweat-Stained Clifton Tracking Station Hat of Death scratch 38 mm, 29 mm or 4 x 24 mm
Green Flying Saucer (12") Art Applewhite 38 mm
Texas Special Flying Saucer (12") Art Applewhite 38 mm
Fly Catcher (Lazarus) DG&A 38 mm
Small Endeavour PML 38 mm
Mini-Mojo Fatboy Public Enemy 38 mm
Crusader III (Explorer-7) Rocketman 38 mm
CrayShipOne scratch 38 mm
Lobbin' Bobbin scratch 38 mm
Standard Cray-ARM scratch 38 mm
Twice Removed From Yesterday scratch 38 mm
Vlad the Impaler scratch 38 mm
Air Serpent Scratch 29mm
Big Brute (clone) scratch/NCR 29mm
Max-Q (beta) Art Applewhite 29/24/18/13 mm
Margin of Error scratch 29 mm + 8 x 24 mm
El-Cheapo Pyramid scratch 29 mm + 3 x 24 mm
Helix 29mm beta Art Applewhite 29 mm
Smiley Face Flying Saucer (10.25") Art Applewhite 29 mm
USAF Flying Saucer (7.5") Art Applewhite 29 mm
Ventris Estes 29 mm
Estes Majestic Estes 29 mm
FatBoy29 Estes/MODS 29 mm
Jayhawk Madcow 29 mm
SA-17 Archer North Coast (new) 29 mm
Cheetah Paul Miller (AeroTech mods) 29 mm
Nike Smoke-29 Quest/MODS 29 mm
58mm JATO Scratch 29 mm
AquaBottleBat scratch 29 mm
Big Daddy-29 scratch 29 mm
Birdhouse V1 scratch 29 mm
Carrot Top (The Rocket) scratch 29 mm
Cluster Bomb BLU-97B Upscale scratch 29 mm
El Tubo Loco scratch 29 mm
Fireball XL5 scratch 29 mm
Killer Bee scratch 29 mm
Landshark 3.0 "True Blood" scratch 29 mm
Little Joe I scratch 29 mm
Ringer scratch 29 mm
Shai-Hulud scratch 29 mm
Spikor scratch 29 mm
Talos scratch 29 mm
Tarkus II (was Single Malt) scratch 29 mm
Too Rolling (Red)Stoned scratch 29 mm
AGM-84 Harpoon Scratch 29 mm
Obsessive Compulsive Rebuilding Disorder V2.0 Scratch 29 mm
This Is Not The Rocket You Are Looking For Scratch 24 mm/18 mm
Fat Boy 3 x 4 scratch 24 mm x 4
Flaming Christmas Tree of the Apocalyse scratch 24 mm x 4
Raygun Gothic HoJo scratch 24 mm x 4
3x24mm Saucer(12") MODS Art Applewhite 24 mm x 3
Snipe THOY 24 mm x 3
Resistor 224 Heavenly Hobbies 24 mm x 2
Gone Batty scratch 24 mm x 2
Massive Gassive scratch 24 mm x 10
Paper Honest John (big) AlaskaPaperModelWorks 24 mm
Cinco - 24mm Art Applewhite 24 mm
Cubit - 24mm Art Applewhite 24 mm
Gold 24mm Delta Saucer (6") Art Applewhite 24 mm
Helix 24mm Art Applewhite 24 mm
Hourglass (24mm Long) Art Applewhite 24 mm
Hourglass (24mm) Art Applewhite 24 mm
Mirror Gold 24mm Cone Art Applewhite 24 mm
Nonami Monocopter Art Applewhite 24 mm
Stars and Stripes Flying Saucer (9") Art Applewhite 24 mm
Super Cinco Art Applewhite 24 mm
Whirlwind (Cyclone) Monocopter Art Applewhite 24 mm
Der V3 Estes 24 mm
Mercury Atlas Estes 24 mm
Big Dipper Daddy Estes-MODS 24 mm
Cluster Bomb BLU-97B Estes, mods 24 mm
Mega-Sonic First Flight 24 mm
Under Dawg First Flight 24 mm
A.C.M.E. Spitfire FlisKits 24 mm
Backdraft Heavenly Hobbies 24 mm
Delta X-15 Hostile Projectiles 24 mm
XFLR-7 Model Minutes 24 mm
IronMan Paul Miller (MRC) 24 mm
Tiny Tim Smoke Paul Miller (scratch) 24 mm
USAF Nonami Paul Miller (unk BT-55) 24 mm
Lime Stiletto Qmodeling/MODS 24 mm
5th G scratch 24 mm
Ankyo234 scratch 24 mm
BNC-R1 scratch 24 mm
Boot Hill scratch 24 mm
CES (Crew Exploration Saucer) scratch 24 mm
D-Fusion Bomb scratch 24 mm
eX-20 Carrier scratch 24 mm
Instructable Frisbee Saucer scratch 24 mm
Mirror Image scratch 24 mm
Noodle Tuber (Noodler) scratch 24 mm
Phinagain Cruise Missile scratch 24 mm
Quad Lander scratch 24 mm
Raygun Gothic Birdhouse scratch 24 mm
SpaceShipSqrt(-1) scratch 24 mm
SpaceShipY scratch 24 mm
SS-7.5 scratch 24 mm
Steve's X-Wing (stretcharoo) scratch 24 mm
Stretch 'Smoke scratch 24 mm
Talk Radio scratch 24 mm
Whirlygig-24 scratch 24 mm
Whirlygig-24 Getting Sideways scratch 24 mm
Whirlygig-24 Shortie Scratch 24 mm
Yamikazi scratch 24 mm
Yarn Cone Nonami scratch 24 mm
Days of Future Passed scratch 24 mm
Ankyo-mcH Scratch 24 mm
SHX-15 Shrox 24 mm
Rapier The Launch Pad 24 mm
Stealth D5 (rev 2) Art Applewhite 20 mm
Half-Spool Jack-O-Lantern scratch 20 mm
7x18mm Motor Eater Estes/mods 18 mm x 7
Fatboy 3 x 18 Paul Miller (Estes) 18 mm x 3
Double Helix 18mm Art Applewhite 18 mm x 2
Deuce-XL5 scratch/kitbash 18 mm x 2
12-Pack scratch 18 mm x 12
Dragonfly Monocopter Art Applewhite 18 mm
Helix Monocopter 18mm Art Applewhite 18 mm
Helix Monocopter 18mm (Beta) Art Applewhite 18 mm
Qubit - 18mm Art Applewhite 18 mm
Qubit - Scimitar - 18mm Art Applewhite 18 mm
Qubit - Stealth - 18mm Art Applewhite 18 mm
Lambda-Class Shuttle EAT 18 mm
ARV Condor Estes 18 mm
Flying Saucer (aka Snitch) Estes 18 mm
Helio Copter Estes 18 mm
Klingon Battle Cruiser Estes 18 mm
Patriarch Estes 18 mm
Paveway III GBU-24 Estes 18 mm
SDI Satellite Estes 18 mm
Sizzler Estes 18 mm
Starship Enterprise Estes 18 mm
Corn-Roc First Flight 18 mm
Semi-Sonic (beta) First Flight 18 mm
V-2 Hostile Projectiles 18 mm
Ballistic Chicken I Build Rockets 18 mm
Wedgie Odd'l 18 mm
Paper Big Bertha Plans – TRF 18 mm
Area 51 SPEV Quest 18 mm
DC-Y Space Clipper Quest 18 mm
Quest MLAS Quest 18 mm
MicroMaxx Alien UFO on 'Roids Quest MODS 18 mm
Aqua Lander scratch 18 mm
BLT (Big Bertha Like Thing) scratch 18 mm
BNC-R3 scratch 18 mm
Day-Glo Missile scratch 18 mm
Eiffel Tower scratch 18 mm
FAT BOI-NK scratch 18 mm
GI Joe scratch 18 mm
Goonball XL5 scratch 18 mm
Half-Ass-Tron Superroc scratch 18 mm
M&M Xmas Tree scratch 18 mm
Skyrocket scratch 18 mm
SR-2 (Scrap Rocket #2) scratch 18 mm
Starfighter scratch 18 mm
Stink Bomb scratch 18 mm
Tiger Shark scratch 18 mm
XR 71 Green Burd scratch 18 mm
DC Pod Racer scratch/kitbash 18 mm
Gee'Hod Semroc 18 mm
Hermes A-1 Semroc 18 mm
LAUNCH Missile Semroc 18 mm
Little Joe II Semroc 18 mm
Recruiter Semroc 18 mm
Space Plane Semroc 18 mm
Tau Zero Semroc 18 mm
V2 (camo, non-scale) Semroc 18 mm
V2 (White Sands #2) Semroc 18 mm
Falcon9 SpaceX 18 mm
Spyder Saucer Art Applewhite/MODS 13mm
Pogo Lindberg - PMC 13 mm x 3
Double Helix 13mm Art Applewhite 13 mm x 2
Texas Special 13mm Delta Saucer (4") AAW 13 mm
Paper Wing (Paper Chaser) Apogee/Plans/MODS 13 mm
Cinco - 13mm Art Applewhite 13 mm
Cubit - 13mm Art Applewhite 13 mm
Dicey - 13mm Art Applewhite 13 mm
Helix Monocopter 13mm Art Applewhite 13 mm
Helix Monocopter 13mm (Beta) Art Applewhite 13 mm
Hex Art Applewhite 13 mm
Pinwheel 13mm (beta) Art Applewhite 13 mm
Paper Little Joe I CardinSpace plans 13 mm
Eenie Meenie Cognis/LawnDart 13 mm
M.A.G.P.I.E. Eric Trax 13 mm
Mini Mars Lander Estes 13 mm
Mosquito Estes 13 mm
Skinny Mini Estes 13 mm
Give 'Em The Finger Kidpower/MODS 13 mm
Birdie Odd'l 13 mm
Mini-Patriot Paul Miller (Estes) 13 mm
FLICS Lucky 13 Quest MODS 13 mm
Mini-Toobah scratch 13 mm
Mini-V2 scratch 13 mm
XOCet scratch 13 mm
Micro-V2/Blitzkrieg Booster Apogee 10.5/13 mm
The One Ring scratch 10.5 mm
MM-CTV scratch 06 mm x3
BiC stic Art Applewhite 06 mm
Micro Maxx Flying Saucer Art Applewhite 06 mm
Micro Maxx Monocopter, Mark II Art Applewhite 06 mm
SpaceShipOne (X1) Currell - plans 06 mm
Mercury Redstone 8 - Liberty Bell 7 Delta 7 - plans 06 mm
Matchhead XL-5 Delta-7 - plans 06 mm
microX-15 Heller - PMC 06 mm
Tri-ny F-O Saucer John McCoy plans 06 mm
Alien UFO Quest 06 mm
Space Fighter Quest 06 mm
Cicada Killer - Mono-Nano-Copter Version #2 scratch 06 mm
Micro Darmok scratch 06 mm
Micro Slam Dunk scratch 06 mm
Micro Titan III C (MOL mockup) scratch 06 mm
Micro-Viking scratch 06 mm
microBomarc scratch 06 mm
Mini105 scratch 06 mm
My Little Cup Cake scratch 06 mm
Mono-Nano-Copter, The Amazing Underperforming scratch 06 mm
Nano V2 scratch 06 mm
TLR002 scratch 06 mm
Big Daddy F12 cluster scratch 29 mm x 3
MLAS 29mm (stretched) Quest MODS 29 mm