Wednesday, October 09, 2013

MLAS 29mm nose weight mods

MLAS 29mm nose weight mods by rstaff3
MLAS 29mm nose weight mods, a photo by rstaff3 on Flickr.
This is how I added the 1.5 oz of nose weight. I found a hemispherical plastic doohickey that Warthog gave me and filled it with lead shot and Epoxy. A short tether runs through the foam nose cone and is embedded in the nose weight assembly. The tip of the plastic insert almost matches the contour of the cone. I'm building the edge up just a tad.

Once I had some Epoxy mixed, I attached a 1/4" lug. It could fly this weekend, however, I've decided to wait for an E16-4. If it weathercocks, a shorter delay is preferable. Here's hoping that Hobbylinc gets their E16's (and F15's) in soon!