Tuesday, October 08, 2013

It's looking like a rocket (the MLAS 29mm, that is)

The MLAS derivative is pretty much together, save for a launch lug and the proper amount of nose weight. Determining the 'proper' amount is the trick.

Without the stock nose weight, the dry mass is 6.01 oz. To get the same static margin as my stock MLAS (= 0.36), I'll need 1.2 oz of nose weight. The stock lag bolt is around 0.6 oz, so I'll have to improvise. On an E16-6, it should be more stable than the stock version. RockSim says the stock MLAS needs 72" to get to a stable velocity, yet it flies fine of a typical 36" rod. RockSim says that the MLAS 29mm will need a mere 55". The optimal delay for an E16 is 5.4 seconds, which is fairly close. Experience on the stock kit is that it weathercocks quite a bit so I assume this one will also. I think I'll wait for a calm day to fly this one.

I decided that I'm not a big fan of the Loctite GO2 glue. At least for rocketry applications. It dries clear and is a little rubbery. It seemed to work well enough for the centering rings and nose cone shoulder but I opted for good ol' wood glue for the fins. It might be best for paper-to-Styrofoam and paper-to-plastic joints.