Wednesday, September 18, 2013

US Army Gemini

Recycled Launch System 003 by rstaff3

US Army Gemini 003, a photo by rstaff3 on Flickr.
This is yet another rocket built from junk parts inherited from Paul Miller (who bailed to Arizona). I am building it to fly on the new 29mm Estes E16/F15 motors. Being largely recycled, I can risk flying it when the rocket eating trees are close by.

The bottom is an Estes Hawk Missile that was missing its motor mount and nose cone. I installed a 29mm mount scavenged from one of my RIP rockets. The top is an Estes Patriot what was missing 2 fins and the nose cone. I sectioned a piece of tubing to make a coupler. The nose is a Semroc Gemini Capsule cone that his been in my parts bin for years. The finish on the recycled rockets isn't great but I'm leaving them as is. I covered the fin area on the Patriot with duct tape to hide the gaps in the paint. I'll finish sealing the cone and paint it myself.

Update: This is the rocket formerly known as the Recycled Expendable Launch System.