Saturday, September 28, 2013

Launch Report 2013-8

Location: Carroll County Ag Center (NARHAMS)
Weather: mid 60's, ground wind <5 mph, upper wind ???, cloudy
Total flights: Today - 13; YTD - 51
Total motors: Today - 13; YTD - 54
Motors by class YTD: Air-5, MMX-2, A-3, B-3, C-15, D-3, E-10, F-7, G-8, H-3

The flight line was moved onto the parking lot to move away from the corn maze. The ground level wind was light but appeared to be generally in the direction of the maze. Since the wind was light, that wasn't an issue. Unfortunately, the upper-level wind was higher and carried the rockets towards the far tree line. This too wasn't a problem for most flights. Except when the flights were really high...see log #2 below.

This field has a lot of up and down so I wanted to launch a few before I hiked to get them back. My thanks to all the helpful rocketeers who brought my rockets back to me. They returned 10 rockets to me. :)

My Flights:
  1. Estes Majestic on an E16-6 - This was a really nice high flight with ejection around apogee.
  2. US Army Gemini on an F15-8 - This flight was even higher (~1730'). I didn't see the ejection event. Under 'chute, it looked like it was hitting thermals as it drifted over the far tree line (~ 1/4 mile away). RIP
  3. Unknown USAF-Decorated Rocket on a C11-3 - The motor had zero delay. Nose cone was lost. Will fill out a MESS report.
  4. First Flight Hobbies Semi-Sonic on a C6-5 - Good high flight.
  5. First Flight Hobbies Mega-Sonic on a D12-3 - Good high flight.
  6. FlisKits ACME Spitfire on a C11-3 - Nice flight.
  7. XFLR-7 on a C11-3 - The big fins with their pods make the spin clearly visible. Love it!
  8. XFLR-7 on a D12-5 - Lucky 13th flight. Even more spinning action.
  9. Shrox SHX-15 on a C11-3 - Nice swooping flight. Love this one too.
  10. Estes Condor on an A8-3 - This flight had the highest pucker factor of any A8-3 flight...ever. The delay should have been a -1. Nevertheless, ejection occurred and the gliders circled down. One hit Mike Kelley on the leg.
  11. Quest MLAS on a C6-3 - Nice flight into the wind. One fin popped off on the gravel parking lot. 
  12. Half-Astron Super-roc on a C6-5 - Great flight.
  13. Art Applewhite 6" USAF Saucer on an F15-0 - The F15 is cool in this small saucer!
Some photos: