Sunday, September 08, 2013

Estes Pro Series II E2X Majestic

I am not a fan of ready-to-fly rockets but when I was grabbing some of the new E16 and F15 motors at Hobby Lobby, I decided to try one of Estes' easy-to-assemble mid-power rockets. The Majestic comes packaged in a box vs. the typical Estes bag. After unboxing and inspecting the parts, I am pleased with the kit. It appears that the main feature that makes it easy-to-assemble is the fact that it requires no finishing other than applying the vinyl decals. The 2' dia. body is a nice bright purple and the nose and fins are chromed. So, no sanding, filling or painting required. Other than that, it pretty much has all the same parts as your typical Estes rockets. Many of the parts are plastic and have features that make the assembly slightly easier. Epoxy is to be used throughout.

Estes Majestic Parts 002Estes Majestic Parts 001

Estes Majestic Parts 003

The motor mount is a thick walled 29mm tube. The centering rings are wide plastic and are notched to mate with the fin tabs and pre-cut tube slots. These slots, if properly positioned (dry fit before gluing!) that will simplify the fin alignment. There is also a motor block (which I will leave off, thank you), a spacer for shorter motors, an one of Estes PVC motor retainers. All and all, very nice!

Estes Majestic Parts 011

The fins are pre assembled and form a diamond airfoil. They really look nice and appear quite study. The nose cone, other than being finished, is typical Estes. I guess not having to pop fins out of balsa stock also makes this kit simpler.

Estes Majestic Parts 009

Recovery is handled by an elastic shock tether and a nylon parachute. The shock tether attaches via a 2- part plastic doohickey vs. and paper tri-fold mount. I'm torn between adding my typical Kevlar leader, attached through the upper centering ring, or to give the new mount a try (just to see how it works out).

The 1/4" lugs are conformal and are also plastic. I will attach them but will also add rail buttons.

Estes Majestic Parts 012

I'll post again after assembly is complete.