Saturday, July 06, 2013

The Rockwell Integrated Space Plan, remastered

Last year, I posted about Ronald Jones' Rockwell Integrated Space Plan (1989), which Make Magazine received from an anonymous source. The plan has been remastered and color coded in a vector format. I posted a small version mostly because it's pretty. In that copy, only the largest print is legible so, like before, I'll refer you to the source post: The Rockwell Integrated Space Plan (Vector Redux Version). They have a downloadable PDF and reportedly you can even download a palette to recolor it to suit your eyes.

Make's original post was very popular and even drew a comment by the author himself. I still find the document fascinating as it progressed quickly from historical events to what can be described as science fiction. The next stage of the document's evolution should be to catch it up with all the Shuttle/ISS history, add in NASA's current plans (SLS) and advanced concepts (JSC's NAUTILUS-X comes to mind), and then extrapolate those into the future. Newspace (SpaceX, Bigelow, Armadillo, etc) should obviously be in there too.