Friday, July 19, 2013

Sport Rocketry July/August 2013

Instead my normal list of articles, I'll just give a long list of cool stuff spotted in the magazine:
  1. The Nike Hercules on the cover;
  2. Steve Jurvetson's private collection of space artifacts;
  3. A detailed report on a Nike Missile Base tour;
  4. Photos of the Nike Missile Base (OK, I guess this is pretty much the same as #1 and #3, but I thought it was worth repeating.);
  5. A GPS guided glider as a rocket payload;
  6. Jolly Logic Altimeter3;
  7. AeroPac's 100k' project;
  8. Bill Colburn on amateur rocketry (I forget...what magazine is this?);
  9. Small student satellites;
  10. A Piñata rocket;
  11. A look at the future of Cape Canaveral;
  12. Northwest Indian College's attempt to tow a rocket home with a quadrotor;
  13. A rocket team clad in sombreros and serapes;
  14. Rocketariums, Retro Rebel and Mega Rebel skinless ribbed rockets.
There's other stuff too, of course ;)