Friday, July 26, 2013

Introducing the "Obsessive Compulsive Rebuilding Disorder"

I just can't control myself. If there is any way possible, I will recycle, refurbish and reuse my lawn darted, core sampled, cato'ed or otherwise dinged, damaged and re-kitted rockets. I shortened the carcass of the Never Say Never, which would have core sampled had the top of the body not have been an inverted coffee bin with a smaller parachute tube. Two of the larger bins were removed. This was not really required but I thought that, if I shortened it, I might be able to fly its new incarnation on G motors. The two lower and one top bins were reattached using a different style of duct tape.

I also shortened the core/motor mount, which itself was the leftovers of both the Grand Whazoo and Son of the Grand Whazoo. That makes it 4th generation leftovers! The fins were not in as good a shape so they are in the junk pile and I'm in search of another set.