Thursday, July 25, 2013

Frankenstein Big Daddy

When my Big Daddy lawn darted, it ruined the tube, sheared the base of the nose cone off (the top end was only dirty), and stripped the fins (3 of 4 survived). I have this obsessive-compulsive need to rebuild so....

I repaired the base of the cone with a sectioned piece of tubing, a plywood bulkhead, and a small eyebolt. I could have bought new tubing but, instead, I scrounged a tube that fit the nose. It was flimsy so I added an inner sleeve to beef it up. I saved the motor mount for another project and added three 29mm mounts in anticipation of new Quest motors that never appeared. Now with the promise that Estes will have 29mm F15's and E16's out in late summer, I proceeded to finish it up. But I digress. I decided to go with tube fins and went ahead and added the three surviving Big daddy fins, just to raise the Big Daddy content.

It isn't finished very well but what else is new. As you see I did paint it. For now the nose cone remains the original colors.

Still needs rail buttons and I need to wait for the motors to check the CP-CG, etc.