Friday, June 14, 2013

The root cause of my obsession with the Fireball XL5

While I was organizing, tagging and otherwise scouring through my archive of rocket photos on Flickr, I started reminiscing about my 29mm Fireball XL5. I remembered that I was less motivated by the old TV series than  a photo and flight report of an HPR version. I proceeded to dig through my old magazines and find the article. To my surprise, I had previously posted about this issue: High Power Rocketry magazine, June 1998. The post referenced the Fireball model but didn't include a photo. This must be corrected!

The Fireball XL5 flew at  NYPower on an I435. Unfortunately, it was unstable and careened off of Ross's (the Ross from Magnum?) van and hit Ron Schultz's (founder of LOC/Precision) truck. I guess it wasn't the best day to be a rocket vendor. Luckily, no one was harmed!

OK, while searching for the Fireball XL5 I spotted a rocket girl....and I couldn't resist.