Monday, June 17, 2013

My first issue of High Power Rocketry (HPR) Magazine

I just found my very first issue of HPR magazine (pictured). I had previously posted about the first issue of my subscription, but this is one I bought off-the-shelf a few years earlier. I got this April 1995 issue from the magazine section of Sound Warehouse, which is now defunct. The contents included the three items identified on the cover. The cover V-2 photo came from the Tindell III launch.

Also included was an article on a full-scale Aerobee that flew on three "Dragon's Breath" N2700 motors. That was a lot of motor for that time period, when many folks had not even seen a 'M' flight. In fact, it would be pretty impressive today. Unfortunately, the flier didn't have a checklist and one motor CATOed. A post-flight review of the motor build video showed his error.

Other interesting items included: An LOC/Precision ad with Ron Shultz; an Hypertech ad hyping "The future of high power is not solid"; a 'how-to' on multiple parachute systems; ads for liquid rocket companies; a project using Mercury switches for apogee detection; "East Coast Rocket Recovery methods" (included cutting tools and firearms); a 2-stage M-to-L two-stager; and, ads for THOY. Good stuff. I liked that this magazine would cover an occasional amateur (non-TRA) project and "real rocket subjects. I know that everyone didn't share my opinion.