Friday, May 10, 2013

Sport Rocketry May/June 2013

As you can see, the issue starts with a sparky launch by Steve Jurvetson. There are a lot of articles in this issue. The lead article, by Peter Alway, is about Mexico's SCT-1. As you would expect, it includes one of his signature, dimensioned line drawings so you can make one of your own. And, at a tad less than 15" in diameter, a full-scale model is a possibility. There is coverage of the International Space University's student launch. The site: KSC's Launch Complex 39A. How awesome is that?!? I had never heard of this (or had forgotten), but it appears that the Northern Illinois Rocketry Association holds their own mini-convention, NIRCON. There is a project article on one rocketeer's quest to break 20k' on a K motor and another on the short life of a cow rocket (not the animal, just the spots). Worried about rocket safety? There's an nice article on the less discussed dangers. It includes things like flying EZ-ups, the weather, critters, etc. We also find out how to build a fin jig from you kid's LEGO set (or your own for that matter) and how to successfully fly Quest D5 motors. Finally, there is a review of a book on the atmosphere and one dad's perspective on being a BAR.