Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Just some dregs from my surfing...

1970's American Motors AMX 3. I liked the AMX, but don't remember this version.

I remember this cover. Here's a butterfly for spring.

Butterfly? How about an iron one?

I found this cool photo of El Paso taken from the Juarez side of the border. The now demolished ASARCO stacks can be seen to the right. (via leenks.com)

Couldn't resist grabbing this girl from the same gallery. Qué bonita!

I recently noticed that a new source was added to the Flickr Commons - Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums. I wouldn't have taken notice but this photo was on the Common's sampler page. I was going to check if there were actually 50 shades of gray, but couldn't get GIMP to spit out that info for this format.

An Alternative Model in the 1940's

Special effects guru Ray Harryhausen recently passed away. Morbius19 posted this nice photo of a skeleton from Jason and the ArgonautsHere's a nice tribute group on Flickr.

Ray Harryhausen Exhibition London Film Museum Skeleton

And, finally, here's a C-124 deep throating a Matador missile from Kemon01. The Matador was a cruise missile and you can see where the main mind would fit.

Pinecastle Air Force Base 1950's