Monday, May 13, 2013

Dr. Sue invited me in, so I'm going to suck her Rocket Works dry

I see that Dr Sue continues to have personal problems and will be shutting her site down. On TRF, she made the following invitation:
So please my friends, vacuum up what little info there is available while its still up and running.
I extend my best wishes to her and her family. Meanwhile, I'm going to repost some of her photos here as a tribute to her rocketry work and, of course, for our future enjoyment.

Dr Sue...rocket girl
2x 29mm HPT BSG  Viper
1.7x 24mm-clustered Viper prototype
"You might be a redneck rocketeer if.......You have a high-power cluster Colonial Viper on a cinderblock..."
1.7x upscale Viper blowing up on Estes E9-4's 
"Here's mama's latest toy, a 1.6X upscale Der Big Red Max"
Colonial Viper 2x
The Red Baron
Crayon X3B
SR-06 'Darkbird'
Fireball 240
Crayon 3E
Crayon X1-X2
Colonial Viper 3.5x (see the next 3 photos too!)

Colonial Viper 1.6 project
Patriot PAC 3.1
The LandShark
The Vlakyries
LOC Viper 3
XB-06 Griffin
Mmmm, that tasted good. But I'm pretty full so I'll have to limit what I pull from her site. Of all her projects, the CrayPuppy is one that I might like to try. I grabbed the RosckSim file and offer just a few of the many build photos...
DIY retainer. I probably won't do these any more since I like the Estes retainers. However, your mileage may vary.
Retainer cap.

The fin unit slides in and is bolted to the Crayon tube.
Forward fins sit in shallow slots.

Thanks, Sue! Hope to see you back soon!