Monday, May 20, 2013

Awesome PEPP aeroshell model

TRF member John ('JAL') Lee has completed and flown his awesome scale model of the PEPP aeroshell. The PEPP aeroshell is my favorite real flying saucer. NASA's Planetary Entry Parachute Program (PEPP) aeroshell tested parachutes for the Voyager Mars landing program. (ref Wikipedia). It flew 4 times between 1966 and 1967 and is now displayed in the White Sands missile garden.

John documented the lengthy build on TRF with the completed product debuting on page 8 of the build thread. His PEPP flew on 12 canted C6-0 motors. The cant simulated the angled nozzles on the PEPP's 12 Falcon motors. He successfully ignited all 12 motors using Quest Q2G2 igniters. The -0 delay was used to eject the parachute immediately on burn through. That was a good thing as it weather cocked badly and, even with no ejection delay, the 'chute failed to open before landing. Luckily, aeroshells naturally aerobrake and the rocket survived to fly another day. Good show, JAL!

I'll refer you to the thread linked above, the web and, of course, the Dungeon (via the post tags). Here are three photos. The last, originally shown on the DARS club's newsletter, shows his PEPP at ejection.