Tuesday, May 21, 2013

1TB of free photo storage? It's a well crafted marketing trick.

The limit was either a remnant of the old Flickr or was summarily droppled. Hooray!

When I first saw that Flickr was giving me 1TB of free storage, I got excited and immediately started building my rocket photo archive. Then I hit the 300MB/month limitation. This threw some cold water on my excitement but I thought...there's always next month. Overnight, my interest was waning about the prospects of loading all my photos. This morning, fellow rocketeer Sascha Grant threw another bucket on me by pointing out that, with a 300MD/month limit, it would take almost 300 years to fill it up.  After coffee and breakfast I perked up a bit when I realized that I don't have anywhere near that much rocket data. I looked at the photos just on this computer and found that it will take me a mere 9 months to load my rocket photos. Assuming no growth that is. I don't even want to check my other computer. I have again realized there is still no hope. So, I will try to load new photo sets and maybe some select older ones. Like maybe all my Red Glare albums. Starting next month.