Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Tuesday off-topic (mostly) eye candy

I can't believe I missed the chance for an April Fools Day post. Oh well, it would likely have been another 'I'm quitting blogging' post or some lame claim that someone is building a new Saturn V. This post, hidden below the jump break, should be much more entertaining!

Saturn V, you say? Verna and Randy's April post is dedicated to some of the the greatest rockets ever flown. Here's a teaser from their Photo of the Month page. See also...Fire and Smoke!

An airplane model (as opposed to a model of an airplane) via Kemon01. He has several more related shots in close proximity...just click the photo to get to his Flickr photostream.


Miss UFO, circa 1950, also from Kemon01. I think I posted it before, but what the hey.

Miss UFO, 1950

I usually boycott Flickr users who don't allow embedding...but I couldn't resist sharing this one.

A couple interesting cars and a rocket ad from the H.A.M.B.

Here's a rocket girl showing off an Apollo 11 cake, via Retro Space Image's Facebook page.

I forgot which retro blog I got this from. Oh well, it was undoubtedly at least 20th-hand. As far as I know, she still lives nearby in NoVA.

Another interesting photo from The Brigade. Looks photoshopped to me. Whatcha think?

And, finally, a shot reminiscent of their younger, duck walking days, here's one from The Best Little Page from Facebook. A-how-how.