Wednesday, April 17, 2013

ROCKETS Magazine, Volume 7, Issue 4

This issue contains a nice variety of articles, along with a products section compiled/written by yours truly.  First, East-Coaster Alan Whitmore describes how to build a snap-ring motor disassembly tool. There's also a build article on a 3/4-scale Nike Smoke.

The launch reports include Midwest Power 9, Airfest 18, and the High-Altitude Launch at the Big Range, Scotland. The highlights of Airfest (for me) were the flights of Steve Eves and Vern Hoag's 1/9 scale Saturn 1B's. These are re-built versions of the huge rockets that flew at MDRA.You can find all my posts about their first flights here (and some earlier posts about the Airfest flights too). To recap, Steve's rocket flew on a Loki Research P7000 and four Loki N3800's in the booster and a Bob Utley/Neil McGilvray O4000 in the 2nd stage. The pneumatic controls failed to deploy the 2nd stage fins so the sustainer's ignition was inhibited. The stages came apart, but gravity is a harsh mistress. Vern fared better. His 1B had four CTI N5800's (equivalent to 93% P). Both the up and down went as planned. Amazing.

To make everyone who has suffered a launch failure feel better, Wes 'Dr. Zooch' Olezsewski closes the issue with an article on the history of the Mercury Atlas. When John Glenn climbed into Friendship 7 atop an Mercury Atlas, the rocket's success rate was under 0.5. However, by that time the Mercury Atlas had seen a string of 4 successes. w00t!

You can get your own copy here.