Thursday, April 18, 2013

More Red Glare XIV eye candy

MDRAer Nick DeBrita had a great RG XIV album on Flickr. He picked around 200 of his best shots out of the 1800+ that he took. Thanks for doing that, bro. As good as they are, 1800 photos would wear me out! Here's one of my fav's, a shot of the Der Red Max drag race.


I haven't seen that Chris has updated his Rocketry Live! site (and I don't know that he will). You can also look at the MDRA group on Facebook to see other shots, including a nice album from Stan Senesy (I think you must be a member and his FB friend). That leaves the video of Dan Michaels beautiful CATO. There are several floating around so I grabbed the first one I found (other than mine, that missed the actual CATO). Ihis cell phone video is not the highest quality but it clearly shows the entire flight! (credit: Michelle Weaver)