Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sport Rocketry March/April 2013

As indicated but the cover, the lead article is about foam cup rockets, from the early ones at the Pearl River mocroc convention in the early '80s through today's kits by Fliskits and Odd'l. I really love the big honkin' scratch builds. I tried a middle-sized version but broke it repeatedly on the way to the field and finally threw in the towel.

There's an article on a totally bitchin' X-15 based on 11.5" tubing. It can fly on various motor configurations from a single N to three 75mm M's. You also learn how to to interpret aerial photos (dust off your trig) and how to keep your cheap eye bolts from breaking (hint: it involves springs). Other articles discuss antenna polarization, a launch controller and display stands.

Nice issue...I think I need to actually read it. But, I figured it was more important to tease you.