Friday, March 01, 2013

Sport rocketry archaeology (a.k.a. rocketology)

This month's update from Verna and Randy [yeah guys, I found it before your email announcement :)] is about the study of sport rocketeers via the rockets that they have built. They coined the term rocketology but I generally call it rocket archaeology. I borrowed one photo and the terminology. For more details of their latest dig and, of course, more photos, check out this month's Photo of the Month page and the Fire and Smoke pages. This stuff really looks fun. A while back, I 'won' a box of broken rockets from a buddy who moved away. At first, I thought my prize was one of the worst available. However, after digging in, I had great fun repairing, rebuilding and scavenging from the box. And, there is still more to come. Check out my Paul Miller Recycled Rockets section!