Monday, March 25, 2013

From rockets, rocket girls, and retro rides to a Gorn

Well, I dialed back my rocket/space blogging since I was spending too much time gathering links and reporting on newsy items. Unfortunately, that time is now being spent on retro nostalgia sites. But, once that time is being wasted, I might as well keep sharing them.

I recently ran across The Brigade. I haven't explored much of the site but did find their photo galleries. They like to mix military themes with photos of scantily clad girls with the lead photo being a mashup of the two.   I generally eschew photoshopped rocket girls but decided to break the rule. Here's the lead photo from My bad ideas are launching missiles.

And, one of the nice rocket-only photos:

Shifting gears, I have a couple of retro-futuristic rides. The first is via the H.A.M.B. and the second via x-ray delta one.

1960 ... Chrysler-Plymouth: XNR

I couldn't resist throwing in some women in peril. Yeoman Rand is via birdofthegalaxy and the second via retrogasm. Wow, can you imagine a company running such an ad today?

Graceful Bondage

And, finally some uncharacterized photos. The first is a 007 classic (lost track of the source link) and the second is, well "Going...going...Gorn."