Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Why you should join Facebook, explained by rocket/space girls

For my resistant readers, I'll make it simple. If you like space history, Retro Space Images's page alone is reason enough to join. If you are too paranoid, create a new free email address (Gmail, Yahoo, or whatever), lie about your name and age and sign up. Search for Retro Space Images. Click 'like' and begin exploring. You don't have to post or click links. You might want to search for your friends and relatives, and any other companies or organizations that you might be interested in. You too might become an addict. Here are smattering of images to whet your appetite. There are so many great, rare photos there so I fell back to one of this blog's themes.

 Nichelle Nichols, aka Uhura -- Lockheed employee with Gemini/Agena models 

Sperry Rand/Univac Apollo 10 press kit girl -- Dee O'hara the "Original Astronaut Nurse"

Unknown girl, 1963 -- Susan Ford (Jerry's daughter) covering the ASTP launch

Playboy Bunny Barbi Benton 1984