Sunday, January 13, 2013

FSI slated to return with kits AND motors (hopefully)

Dave Bucher and some unknown (to me) partners have bought out Flight Systems Inc., which as near as I can tell went out of business in the early 1990's. Via Facebook:
Just to let the modroc community know, FSI will rise again! Details to follow over the next two weeks but you can look for all of the old kits to be resurrected with new competition kits as well. From the ashes FSI will fly again!
They are also hoping to bring back the FSI BP and ACPC motors, of which I'm most interested in the BP F100's.  Since I am not flying much high power, the availability of higher impulse BP motors (easy to light and directly stageable) is on the top of my interest list. Even if the F100 was more like a full E40, small F40, or whatever, this is much better than the Estes new E12s or even their newly announced F15's.
29mm x114mm
49.61 Newton-seconds Total Impulse
25.26 Newtons Peak Thrust
14.38 Newtons Average Thrust
Propellant mass: 60.0 grams
There has been a lot of discussion about the reliability of these motors, and opinions vary.  I for one would take my chances. I just hope this is really doable. The old machinery looks to be in sorry shape, they aren't easy to produce, and regulations ain't what they used to be. But, one can always hope!

You can go to Ninfinger/Rockets to look at some of the old FSI catalogs. Here is a photo of "A pair of 27mm compression blocks with an FSI special effects motor..."Special Purpose Rocket Thruster" F100 OSE." (Credit: Dave Bucher)