Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Dungeon's Top-10 for 2012

I see Chris Michielssen posted his top ten for 2012. So, I see no reason to wait to post mine:

1. Space Shuttle Discovery buzzes Washington DC.

2. Discovery and Enterprise nose-to-nose at Udvar-Hazy.

3. The Big V-2 history and the SpaceX Falcon/Dragon build posts kept my hit rate up, being my most viewed for much of the year. Street rockets and the girls that dig 'em, especially Jungle Pamdid their share too.

4. Four launch days in June...a record for me (if you exclude NARAM-50 in 2008 and LDRS-19 in 2000).
I managed to get out to three days of organized launches and held one 'solo' launch. I made 36 flights and burned 44 motors. The weather was nearly ideal for all of these launches. I also managed to work around the family beach weekend, which also included the Ocean City Airshow. To top it off, we found that a nearby pool upgraded itself over the winter with an awesome toddler water park and a couple of huge water slides for we bigger kids.

5. Estes moves up to mid-power.

6. Exploring an alternative fuel

7. 1-D printed rockets

Paper Honest John

8. Dragon docks with the ISS twice (and returns home too).

9. The E12's arrived.

I've always wanted higher impulse (> E9) black powder motors. The Estes E12's appear to be as close as I'm going to get. These proved to be fun but, unfortunately, have tended to go boom (the link above is to a batch of good flights). I flew several packs and had one CATO. After I finally got through to them, Estes promptly provided a new pack as a replacement. I guess I owe them a couple.

10. I quit trying to make the Dungeon a rocketry and space news portal. (Now, I need to build and/or fly something!)