Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"Experience the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing" (This is good!)

A co-worked from my days as a JSC MCC contractor sent me this link: Experience the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing. From the home page:
Over 43 years ago, the entire nation watched as three men explored the unknown. Watch, listen, and relive the excitement of the Apollo 11 lunar landing as experienced minute-by-minute by the courageous crew of Apollo 11 and Mission Control.
This project, produced by Thamtec, LLC, integrates 18 minutes of video with audio form the Air-to-Ground and Flight Director's voice loops. As the Apollo 11 and ground crews speak, the transcript timeline is highlighted. Icons show you who is talking (LEM, CM, or MCC; and the MCC console position) and things like the Eagle's pitch angle and Buzz Aldrin's heart rate.

This is pretty awesome! And I haven't seen it elsewhere ;)