Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Seattle Museum of Flight (MOF) to become the official museum of the NAR

Via Trip Barber in the NAR's (National Association of Rocketry) Electronic Rocketeer:
The NAR has just signed a partnership agreement with one of the nation's premier aerospace museums, the Museum of Flight (MOF) in Seattle, to make the MOF the official musuem of our hobby and our Association.

The Museum of Flight already has a nice display of a few of our founder G. Harry Stine's rockets. Under the new partnership, the NAR will work to identify and help the MOF collect a much wider range of the most historically important rockets, motors, publications, and other items from across the history of our hobby and the NAR, and to develop this material into a larger display, plus a permanent archive for historical reference by future generations. NAR and MOF also agreed as part of this partnership to conduct public workshops and special-event displays of current rocketry activities at the museum, as part of the museum's public education and outreach program.

This partnership is a step toward preserving our history that the NAR has been seeking for a long time, and that long-time NAR members Bill Stine and Pat Fitzpatrick have made happen after years of effort. If you have rocketry or NAR items of potential historical significance that you think might belong in the Museum of Flight, please contact Trip Barber or Bill Stine with a description. MOF has a collection process that could result in a tax-deductible contribution for the owner of collected objects, and we have agreed to serve as intermediaries to find and screen potential donations for MOF. The number one item on the collection target list is a full mint-condition set of issues of the old Model Rocketry magazine!