Friday, November 30, 2012

Rocket City Rednecks, Season 2 kicks off with...

...a HUGE core sample. I have decided that I won't add much commentary on the nature of the show. You can get an eye full on TRF. I'll merely say that, like other so-called 'reality shows', it is quite contrived. Nevertheless, I watched it and have the DVR set for the rest of the season. "Nuff said about that.

They launched a huge rocket on what appeared to be two 4" 'M' or 'N' motors (people who fly them will do a better job guessing the motor class). The rocket's body was Sonotube (or equivalent) surrounded with a custom fabricated aluminum frame and wrapped in sheet aluminum.  Plywood rings centered the two big motors. The fins were plywood with some reinforcement bars slapped from root to tip. The nose cone was made from a big scrap plastic bubble and sheet aluminum. The payload was a crash test dummy that was to be pulled out via a set of smaller motors on the 'escape tower'.  They got the up direction right but the ejection motors never lit and the rocket lawn darted spectacularly.  I'll leave the analysis of this event to the failure Review Board over on TRF.

Rocket City rednecks on NatGeo