Monday, October 29, 2012

LDRS 31 on TV

Just watched Discovery Science's LDRS 31 show. Some people have complained that it portrays we sport rocketeers as a bunch of yahoos who love to blow things up and don't care much for safety. That certainly makes better TV, I reckon. However, if you take time to look below the surface you see computer sims, balance checks, sub-scale test flights and large set-off distances. From what I hear, this is the last year of TRA's contract with Discovery Science and the BoD will decline to renew it. I personally like the show and tend to think that any coverage is good coverage. If tons of interested yahoos decide to visit their local launches, I trust the local rocketeers will train them properly.

I personally thought that Steve Eves' grandfather clock rocket should have won the odd-roc contest and was happy to see MDRA'er and Warthog builds session member Mike Mangieri came in 3rd with his upscale FlisKits ACME Spitfire. Way to go Mikey!