Friday, September 21, 2012

The last Shuttle flight (update 3)

As everyone is aware, Space Shuttle Endeavour is making its final flight to Cali. This will be the last time a Shuttle will be in the air at an altitude higher than that attainable by a crane. Yesterday, I included a link to a TRF post that showed it buzzing, landing at, and sitting on the tarmac at Ellington Field in Houston. Today's posts included a link to a ArsTechnica photo essay: Endeavour makes its final rounds: A photoessay - On the ground at Ellington Field in Houston, Ars gets some close-ups. I also have seen a lot of photos on Flickr: @NASA HQ and NASA: 2explore. I would like a shot showing the Franklin Mountains in El Paso or the Organ Mountains in NM adjacent to White Sands. So far, the photos I've seen showed no context (i.e. the only background scenery is runway and blue sky). I also found a few shots from El Paso that show the scenery: Flickr search results. Now, I want to see a photo with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. And, voilla, High Power Rocketry delivered. One of the shots is cross-posted below. Finally, check out Lockheed Martin's photo from Edwards AFB.

Endeavour over the San Jacinto Monument via NASA JSC.

Endeavour, 3
Via through for more

F-35 Spots The Shuttle

Endeavour Over The Golden Gate Bridge (ED12-0317-012)