Friday, September 14, 2012

Successful Carmack Prize 100k' AGL Flight (updated)

Update: Someone correctly pointed out that the prize ain't won until John says its won. However, the fliers and launch organizers think that will be the case. Someone also pointed out that recovery was outside the waiver and BLM requirements. It's unclear whether that affects the prize being awarded. I haven't read the requirements in quite a while and don't want to check.

Via ken Biba on YouTube:
This is the video of the AeroPac 2012 successful flight to 104,659' AGL on Tuesday 9/11/2012. It was a two stage flight with fully commercial certified motors - an AeroTech N1000 staging to an AeroTech M685. Full recovery (the airframe was flown again on Thursday 9/13/2012). There was full GPS lock on the sustainer and the booster. The tracks of both components were streamed in real-time to APRS database as KG6DLV-4 and KG6DLV-5.