Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sport Rocketry September/October 2012

This month's magazine starts off with ... Seabrook, TX TARC rocket girls on the cover. The issue includes reports from TARC and NSL, the best parts of which are the photos. Next up is a build article on a Halloween-themed odd-roc named Skully. (Hmm, I think I have a little foam skull stashed somewhere.) There is a tech article on "Plasma Ignition of Solid Rocket Motors". A high frequency transformer and the proper driving circuit can generate kilovolts and provide pyrogen-free ignition. So far, this has only been tested on single BP motors and a hybrid, but it sounds promising. The is another build article on the unique P-29 C.O.B.R.A. (Conceptual Open-Body Rocket Assemblage). Dedicated to the 29-Palms Marine Corps Base, this high powered, cluster rocket features, as the name implies, a hole through its middle.  This hole is big enough to fit a launch rail vs. a rod. The author, Jeff Geraci, wasn't successful initially but he persevered and ended up with a awesome looking, very unique rocket. .I don't often mention Leslie Houk's regular column entitled "The Cato Chronicles".  In this issue, he addresses the "oldest and most pointless disagreements in model rocketry" - engines vs. motors. He offers an alternative that he borrowed from IEEE Spectrum. Call them "whoosh generators."