Tuesday, September 11, 2012

More low tech rocketry in the Dungeon

I managed to score a paper rocket experimenter's pack from Mike Bauer.  This includes 3 air rockets to experiment with altitude and 8 to experiments with stability. The altitude pack are similar 4FNC of varying lengths. These will presumably demonstrate the benefit of long pressure tubes in air rockets. I am now building the stability pack as these interest me the most.  All of the rockets are the same length (nominally 12") but have different fin configurations as follows (L-to-R in the photo).
  1. 4FNC, fins on the bottom where they belong.
  2. 3FNC,  fins on the bottom where they belong
  3. 3FNC, fins just below the middle
  4. 3FNC, fins near the top (common wisdom says this one will be unstable!)
  5. 3 tube fins (on the bottom)
  6. No fins
  7. 3 canted fins
  8. 3 sets of three fins (various patterns are provided)

These are all very colorful (they look better than the photo). Unfortunately, I set the printer going and, while away, the black cartridge began running low on ink. So, most of these have grey stripes/trim instead of black.  Oh well, they should fly the same. These are all made to fly off of a 1/2" PVC pipe so I'll have to drop by Home Depot for the pipe and adapter parts.

I also bought one of Quest's new water rocket starter kits. It includes a launch pad (less pump) and a rocket (less bottle). The rocket consists of a foam bumper for the nose end, a foam fin unit (three fins and a mounting plate), and a nozzle that holds the fin unit on. The maximum pressure is 80psi and the kit says it was designed to vent (i.e. leak). Here, I need to buy a suitable bottle of soda and drink same. Should eventually be fun for my grandcritters.

Just to offset all the air and water, I'm going to fly an H motor this weekend. w00t!