Saturday, September 08, 2012

Building another expendable rocket (updated, photo added)

Early in the 2000's, I built a lot of small, minimum or near-minimum diameter rockets to fly on G motors. My love for these expendable rockets started with the Rocket Vision Mach Buster.  I eventually lost all of them, many on their first flight and stopped making them when I moved to reloads.  I currently have a few G-powered small rockets including a 29mm Estes Fat Boy and a Quest Nike Smoke.  These aren't minimum diameter and themselves are hard to find after a F or G flight (the Smoke has only flown on an F).

I recently saw a TRF thread where someone modified a small 24mm kit to fly on Quest D5's. I didn't take much note but evidently this idea lay dormant in my brain and eventually ate its way to the surface of my consciousness.  It has been manifested as a 24mm rocket built to fly on an Apogee E6-8.

I dug around and found a nose cone from an Estes Skywriter and fins from a Delta Clipper. These were harvested from the big box of dead rockets that I inherited from Paul Miller. I added the tube, some cord and swiped a rubber band shock cord from yet another Paul Miller leftover. As it turns out, the E6 also came from Paul. So, whose name should go on the flight card anyway?

I'm still thinking of names: PMS (Paul Miller Skywriter), Delta Clipper Writer, I don't know.

RockSim says this well hit ~4,800'!  In any event, it will be interesting.